"An amazing rendition of my favorite song!  I could listen to her sing it 100,000 times." -  Alison Levine, Mountaineer, Inspirational Speaker and Executive Coach,  upon hearing Katherine sing the National Anthem.  (Alison was named  to Huffington Post's list of Top Business Speakers to Hire & See   Exec Producer, The Glass Ceiling:  One Woman, One Dream, and a Climb That Changed a Nation


“She and her trio (which includes her talented guitarist husband Eric Schwartz) drew a crowd that packed my Corleone room to capacity and after nearly two hours of singing, she had the room begging for an encore. She even made it a point to sing some of my all-time favorite songs.  It was a great night for my customers and for our business!” Sammy Patrenella – Owner,  Patrenella’s Restaurant


“Katherine and her trio performed at my private party in May.  The guests were professional musicians and artists and they were delighted by her performance, as was I.  Katherine’s beautiful voice and presence  made my event truly unique and memorable!” Marianna and Michael Jayson


About Katherine

Katherine sings songs about love, hope and anchoring the soul.  Her passion is for the intimate Cabaret setting where she shares her voice, and the stories behind the songs and our lives.   Katherine's new musical career demonstrates her casting away of limitations placed on her by others and replacing them with music which expresses her joy about life and love.  In doing so, her mission is to   encourage others to do the same, no matter their age. 


Katherine had a variety of lead roles in high school and at the Naval Academy where one reviewer in the Capital Gazette praised her performance as “excellent vocally”.  Since  literally and figuratively “finding her voice” in recent years,  Katherine's first public singing engagement was a Caring Cabaret fundraiser (the loving work of Roger Woest) in 2017.   Since that first Caring Cabaret, Katherine  has sung in  many more Caring Cabarets, in Houston restaurants (including  "Songs of Love" on Valentines Day 2019 at Patrenella’s Restaurant, with her husband, Eric accompanying her on guitar) and she has performed the National Anthem at corporate events/conferences in Nashville, TN and Denver CO, and at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD for the retirement of Vice Admiral Walter Carter (Superintendent  of the United States Naval Academy) – to an audience of 1,500.   Katherine’s National Anthem performances are consistently met with emotional and enthusiastic feedback, with many audience members referencing chills, goosebumps, tears, and emotion they have felt listening to and watching Katherine sing.   As one attendee noted,  "It's the most beautiful National Anthem I have heard in my  life.  Katherine made me feel like I was watching the battle with her."  Attending the Naval Academy instilled a deep sense of patriotism in Katherine, and  with the current controversy surrounding the National Anthem, Katherine hopes to bring  her  beautiful and heartfelt  version across the country and in doing so, encourage  audiences to focus on what unites us, which is  greater than what appears to divide us.  


Katherine's journey to finding her voice was presented in her one woman musical show  titled "My Ship" in February 2020 in Houston, TX - just before COVID-19 shut everything down.   "My Ship" is  filled with touching and sometimes hilarious stories and songs about Katherine being a  reluctant pioneer at the Naval Academy,   subsequent years spent “drifting at sea”  as she  pursued things of the world instead of her heart, and life events that  nearly destroyed her but instead, caused her to anchor her soul in truth which gave her the  courage to  sing from the Crows Nest!   Stay tuned for future performances once COVID is behind us!